“Sparkling Splendor in September ”

 Dolls, Dollhouses & Miniatures Auction

Friday & Saturday  September 23rd & 24th   10:00 A.M.

Pre-catalog sale Friday September 23rd   8:30 A.M.

PREVIEW : Thursday 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. and one hour prior to sale each day.

20 Bonnie Brae Road     ADV

Spring City, Pa.  19475


Directions:  Route 724 to Bonnie Brae Road, follow signs.


We present the Collections of Beatrice Keller of Landenberg &  Switzerland, Joseph Grey distinguished miniatures dealer from the 1940’s, Margaret  Feldman of Ohio Artisan Miniatures, et.al. This is one for the Record Books!

 DOLLS: Several Jumeau Dolls, #9, Eden Bebe #8, Eden Baby #$9, Tete Jumeau #10, French Fashion “Smiling   Bru”, Two All Original French Fashion, Two Child Fashions, one closed mouth, FG#8 Gaultier, closed mouth, FG #11 closed mouth, Eden Bebe, closed mouth, Belton, Kestner closed mouth, Kestner F, Belton, Kicking Steiner, Paper Mache , Marrotte Doll, SFBJ #251 By Doll, Pouty China, German Bisque, A & M, Simon Halbig, Baby K*R #126, Many China Head Dolls all different hair styles and colors, large and small, composition, Small all Bisque, Molded Babies , many in original clothing, Shoulder head dolls with outstanding clothing, Floradora, All Bisque Child Dolls,Queen Louise, Kuppelsdorf #320, 30” Kestner, CM Bergman, Unis, Frozen Charlotte, Several 30” Bisque Dolls, Sasha , R. John Wright, SFBJ #251 Toddler,  K * R #126 Baby, Schoenhut, Compo Pinocchio , Old Teddy Bears, Incredible Rare cloth Slave Doll all original, Superior Large Griner Style Doll, Wax, Kewpie, Composition Shirley Temple all original, Beautiful Madam Alexander Composition Doll with original tag, Black Bisque, Steiner, so many more.  Carriages and accessories. This is thirty years of collecting!

DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES: Incredible Collection of Vintage and Artisan Sterling, European, Aquisto, Cini, and others, Schneegass, Weiss  Miniature Art Glass, Porcelains, Enamels, Austrian Bronze Figures, Collection of Bone Figures, Satsuma vases, Bronze Figural and Enamel  Louis IX Clock, other Fancy clocks, German Furniture, Maerklin, Biedermeier, Tynietoy, German Stoves, Rare Vienna Bronze Piano, Vienna Bronze Desk, Seating, Parlor, Instruments, Gottschalk, Incredible book Collection : Barbara Raheb, Artesian Books, borrowers Press, Rodger Huet, Glenifer Press, Armisted Press, Mosaic Press, Black Cat Press, Libris Judaica, Miniature Book society, Victoreen, Frank Matter, Chestnut Hill, Gerald Crawford, Moore, R. Gutheil, Schlosser, W. Dick, Ceiriog, Partelow, Stetkowicz, Walton, Jones, Hoeltge, Zerkel, Hoffman, Prescott, Carlisle, Singer, Chambers, Tag, Valentine, Kruger, Ethel Hicks, and many of the  magnificent Rugs and Cross Stitch created by Margret Feldman they are extraordinary, Massive Collection of Olzewski to be sold as one lot, Messer, Roundtree, Krupick, Large collection of Mary Grady O’Brien, Paul Moore, J. Tag, Gans, Kraegar,  and many others.  Included will be the Joseph Gray Collection, to include hundreds of pieces of old stock:  Grandmother Stover, Lamps, Tools, Food, Glassware, Miniature animals, boxes and boxes of accessories.  TOYS:  Steiff collection, Small Schoenhut Circus in original box, Large Size Schoenhut Animals, Old dome Trunks, Doll carriages and more.

DOLLHOUSES:  We will present a large selection of Dollhouses: One of a Kind English Mansion built in England  by Dennis Young, opens front and back, with extremely detailed interior, Inlaid Parquet floors, Winding Staircases, Grand Ballroom, The only description is” GRAND”! Bliss “Gutter” houses, Seaside Cottage, and Villas, several Gottschalk Red and Blue Roof Houses, Gottschalk Stable, English Pine House, American Lithograph, Converse Stables, Christian Hacker Cottage, General Store, Half Scale Painted Lady, Haunted Cabin, New England House, Tudor Cottage, Three Story Country Store, Maitland Smith Baby House, Shaker House, Classic Plantation House, Pink Victorian from the Jerry Floor Collection, Brick  Federal House, Millennial Castle,  Hat Shoppe, Conservatory, China Shop, Antique roombox, Gold Dolphin Roombox, David Krupick Pavilion, Vintage Music Room, German Double roombox, American Lithograph House, and more.  Pre-Sale 8:30 A.M. Friday:  To include,  Accessories, doll clothing, Doll Houses, Miniature Furniture, Boxes of glassware, miniature animals, roomboxes, Rugs, lots of old stock from Joseph Gray, Toys, dolls…….so much more.

                        18% Buyers Premium  21% Internet Bidding