Winter Fun Filled Antique Auction    ???????????????????????????????
Saturday January 26th 8:30 A.M.
20 Bonnie Brae Road
Spring City, Pa.  19475
Directions:  Route 724 to Bonnie Brae Road, follow signs.
Country Furniture, Long Guns, Holiday Items, Country Accessories, Steiff Bears and others, Dolls, Toys, etc.

FURNITURE: Dry Sink, Victrola, Decorated Chairs, Many Country Chairs ,Ladder Back kArm Chair. Shelves, some original paint, stools ,Wagon Wheel, Hoouse full of County and more.

ANTIQUES :Incredible Pair of Early Sleigh Bells with large round bells, Two Spool Cabinets, Watch Makers Cabinet, Wonderful Showcase full of Artesian Halloween Decorations, Cats, Pillows, very well done ! Books, Pewter Items, Very Early Large Cinnamon Tin, Early Brass Frames, Over 100 Prints and Paintings, Spoon Rack, Children’s Painted Chairs, Quilt Racks, Mantle clocks, Great Folk Art Style Pieces, Carriage Blanket, Showcases of great Country items, Massive Collection of Early European Laces, Collection of Bronze Busts of Famous Men, made by Ludke 1987 Great Books , Costume Jewelry, Many Early Coverlets, Several dated: M. Dorber York County 1842, 1860, 1840. All colors , great condition, Quilts, Slip Ware, Table Runners, Dish Towels, Crocks, Christopher Wood Crock, Red ware, Vintage Scale, Brass Ladles, Advertising Tins, Glassware, Super Collection of Rock and Roll Albums: Beatles, Woodstock, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, Super Album Covers, Comics, Tin Singes : RT. 66, Gm, Eastwood, Several Airplane Models in OB, Several Christmas Decorations. other toys.
GUNS: Remington Model 870 12 Ga. Pump shot Gun, Tryons DB 12 gauge, Japanese Mauser Sporterized 30-06, H&R M48 20 gauge, Stevens 94B 12 gauge
DOLLS & TOYS BEARS: From the collection Western Pa, all Kinds of Dolls, Raggedy Ann, Madam Alexander, Composition, Hard Plastic, Barbies, Boxes of Clothing, Boxes of Modern Dolls, Boxes of clothing, all kinds of Miniatures, Doll Houses, Dollhouse Kits Real Good Toys, hundreds of pieces……….From anther collection, Effanbee in original boxes, Super large Elvis Doll, other large dolls, Steiff Bears, Merrythought, Herman, Showcases full. Some Rare Contemporary Dolls there is so much we can’t tell until we unpack it all……….this is a perfect dealers sale!


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