Exceptional September Estate Antique Auction            254_1

Sunday  September 30th at 10:00A

   Preview, Saturday September 29th 1 to 4 P.M. also  From 7:30 A.M. To 10:00 day of sale

20 Bonnie Brae Road

Spring City, Pa.  19475

                                 Directions:  Route 724 to Bonnie Brae Road, follow signs.

FURNITURE: Rare  Oak Owl Central Medallion   Monumental Five Section Bookcase by R.J. Horner, Rococo Revival Hawks Pattern Rosewood Sofa by J & JW Meeks, Incredible Pair of 10 ft. Torchieres in Polychromed Paint over Metal Designed and Crafted for the Movie The Last Airbenders, Fighting Bulls A Monumental Antique Bronze by Jean-Baptiste  Clesinger, Robert Kuo Round Mirror, Baker Mahogany Sideboard, John Eric Byers Cherry Dining Room Table & Eight Chairs, Pair Bull’s Eye Mirrors, Modern Cherry Dining Room Set, Trosby Georgian Style Chest, Haentges Bros. Bureau Plat, Chesterfield Sofa, Walnut Dressers, Robert Whitley Rocking Chair, Bow Front Chest, Bow Front China Cabinets, Victorian Sideboard, Victorian Bookcases, Carved Oak China Cabinets, Half & Half North-Wind Desk, Cherry China Cabinet, Walnut Cylinder Desk, Painted Blanket Chests, Modern Italian Ottoman, Victorian Marble Top Bedroom Set, Large French Armoire, Victorian Wicker Chairs, French Walnut Side Table, Drugstore Stools, Pennsylvania House Cherry King Bed, Pine Side Table, Brass Quilt Rack, Painted Bergere Chair, Henkel Harris Small Chest, Art Nouveau Dragon Chair, French Cherry Side Table, Solid Brass Curio Cabinet, Mahogany Pier Table, Brass Coat Rack, English Queen Ann Revival Dressing Table, Floor Lamp, Arts & Crafts Hall Chairs, Stone Top Bistro Table & Five Stools, Mahogany Dressing Table, Glass Top Console Table, Mahogany Step Back Bookcase, Indian Room Size Rugs, Persian Room Size & Throw Rugs and Runner, Small Mahogany Corner Cabinet, Art Deco Fireplace Screen, Chinese Marble Inlaid Armchairs, Bethlehem 5 Piece Bedroom Set, Art Deco Loveseat & Armchairs, Oak Plant Stand, Early Fireplace Mantel, Eastlake Bench, Mahogany Inlaid Writing Table, Primitive Painted Cupboard, Armchairs, Glass Top Coffee Table, Marble Top Desk, Leather Side Chairs, Liberty Oak Side Table, Kittinger Benches

ARTWORK:  David Gottshall Reverse Painting, Robert Cridland, D. Goeldner, Red Robin Kachina Painting, Huma Connelly, Mark Sullivan, Alfredo Garcia Medina [Garmed], Alfredo Cipriani Alabaster Bust, M.G. Macfarlane, Malinsky, Lorenzo de Nevers, J. Kirkland, Katherine Fussell, A. Breed, Dozens of Original Disney Sketches, Elizabeth M. Colt, Bot Roda Field & Stream Illustration, Jessie Boyer Theorem, Bronze Shakespeare Statue, Henri De La Rosse, James McGinley, Marcel Brisson, Alfred Birdsey, Saidi, Paul Neven, Otto Gaertner, Gre Gerardi, Mumerotto, Itzchak Tarkay, Harry Maas, Henri Cassiers, Savo Radulovic, Hans Erni, Jerry Halleron, Adrien Cornelisz Beeldemaker, Johannes Karel Leurs, Pucci

PRINTS:   James De Nicola, Peter Max, Salvador Dali, Robert Grindley, H.A. Ogden Military Prints, Levy Shlomo, Max, Pietschmann, Lloyd Van Pitterson, Fernand Gaston Longchamp, WW2 Bataan Poster, Edward Landon, Marc Duke, George Rodrigue Blue Dog, Alfred Birdsey, Johnny Gotthard Friedlaender, Gilormo, Cara Borg, Nancy Glazier, Jeannie Foord, R.C. Gorman

ART GLASS:   Buxton-Kutch Perfume Bottles, RKS Paperweights, Tiffany Candlesticks, Stueben Animals, Baccarat, Steuben Animals & Paper Weights, John Simpson Vase, Rosetree Perfume, Robert Eickholt Perfume Bottle & Paper Weights, Blenko Vases, Fan Vase, Lalique Ordines Vase, Enamel Decorated Pitcher, Mary Gregory Bowl, Iridescent Lamp, Cut Ruby Flash Vase

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES:  Griesbaum Singing Bird Music Box, 31” Figural Bronze signed E. Picault,  South-West Kayenta Seed Jar, Brass Smoking Stand, African Carved Masks & Animals, White Mountain Jr. Ice Cream Maker, Chinese Vase, Jade Lions, Inuit Stone Carvings, Lynn Chase African Portrait Plates, Halloween Skull Lantern, Iron Banks, Scrimshaw Snuff Bottle, Bone Carvings, Netsukes, Michael Luiz Scrimshaw Swordfish Bill, Wallace Nutting Prints, Shari Lutz & Gail Griffith Artisan Santa Dolls, Schooner, Foltz and Breininger Redware Pottery, 12 Violin Bows, Brass Framed Mirrors, Collection of African American Rag Dolls, Fountain Pens, Bent Wood Boxes, Beleek Tea Set, Kugels & Tree Topper, US M1904 Saddlebags & Sam Brown Belt, Baby Mannequin, Pablo Picasso Books, Hubley Boston Terrier Doorstop, Vintage Xmas Balls, Magic Lantern & Slides, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Purses, Dozens of Big Little Books, Early Samplers, Silver Plate Candelabras, Griswold size 0 Skillets, Brass Artillery Shells, Petites Choses Blackamoor Birdman Statue, German Teddy Bear, Satsuma Vases & Samurai Jars, Weller Dickensware Oil Lamp, Quan Yin Statue, Bronze Temple Fish, Bronze Buddhas, Reverse Painted Xmas Balls, Gordon Brandt Kinetic Golfer Statue, Asian Carved Monk Statue, Cloisonné Vases & Jars, Slate Mantel Clock, Styx, Taylor Swift & Britney Spears Autographs, Soapstone Carvings, German Bisque Skull Stein, 13 Rinaconda Figurines, Asian Brass & Copper Vessels, Slag Lamp, Jacquard Coverlet, National Cash Register model 313, 1940’s Store Santa Automaton, Cobalt Crock, Cat Door Stop, J. Dyer Iron Candelabras, D.W. Haber Candelabra, Ansonia Kitchen Clock, Columbia Records Advertising Poster & Studio Records, Tramp Art Boxes, Art Deco Bookends, Egyptian Revival Slag Lamp, Civil WAR 1865 Virginia Receipt, Eli Terry Jr. Clock, Limoges Plaques, English Latin Deed dated 1301, Don Quixote Lamp, Table Lamps, Vintage Stained Glass Floor Lamp, Pedal Car Barbershop Chair, Collection of Nested Dolls, Stromberg Telephone

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:  Martin 1-17 Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar, Martin 5-17T 4 String Guitar, Kumaon Bugle, New York Pro Electric Guitar, Bundy 1242 Alto Sax, Reynolds Alto Sax, Several Kross Keyboards

JEWELRY:   18K & Diamond Masonic Ring, Waltham Pocket Watch & 18K Chain, 10K Man’s Intaglio Ring, Sterling South-West & Mexican Rings and Bracelets, Lady’s Elgin Pocket Watch, Linda Linton Pearl & Sterling Necklace Set, Gold & Diamond Rings, 10K Class Ring, 14K Rings & Pins, Zeiss WW1 Binoculars, Gold & Pearl Necklace, Bakelite & Cinnabar Bracelets, Sterling Necklaces and Earrings, Malachite Bracelet, Horn & Amber Necklace, Jade Necklaces

SILVER:   Italian Five Piece .800 Tea Set, Hodgson & Kennard Bowl, Gorham Candelabras, Souvenir Spoons & Teaspoons, Assorted Sterling Flatware, 50 Sterling Ingots – Sailing Ships of History, Alvin 8 Piece Dresser Set, Bowls, 12 Bread Plates

DOLLS: Ovwe 100 Dolls:   Five Jumeau Dolls:  EJ 5 (2), Open Mouth, All Sizes and beautiful clothing, French, A & M, Kester #164  30”, #171  25”, Pair Kestner Twins, SFBJ Girl, S & H 570, Handwork, Kammer & Reinhart, Many Schoenhut dolls, Toddlers, Girls, Good Shoes and great condition, Compos Shirley Temples and Vinyl, Toni Dolls, Several Mary Hoyers and clothing, Kathie Kruse, Artisit Living Image U.S. Historical Society (13) in ob, Madame Alexander. Doll clothing, Shoes, and more.

18% Buyers Premium  21% Internet Bidding

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