November  Multi- Estate Antique Auction

Saturday November 10th  at 8:30A.M             ???????????????????????????????

Preview from 7:30 to 8:30 day of sale

20 Bonnie Brae Road

Spring City, Pa.  19475

    Directions:  Route 724 to Bonnie Brae Road, follow signs.

FURNITURE; Oak Side by Side ,Oak bookcase, Van Skiver Bookcase, Oak Slant Desk, Pair  Painted Chests, High chest, Red Paint Blanket Chest, Coat Racks, Quilt Racks, Country Tables, Gate Leg Tables, Painted Half Moon Shelf, Cast Iron Andirons, Blanket Chest, Pair Victorian Chairs, Country Corner Cupboard, Wicker Settee, Country Cradle, Wood Chest, Out Door Furniture, Victorian Pedestal Marble top table, Four Piece Barrister Bookcase, Two Matching Cherry Corner Cupboards, Glass Top Van Skiver Breakfront, Glass Top Desk with Two doors, Childs Table and Two Painted Ebersole Chairs, Two Drawer Buffet, Green Cast Iron Bench, Mid-Century Sofa and  Chair, Nesting Table, Round Modern Leather End Table, Mahogany Bedroom Set, leather Foot Stools, Green Painted Desk, Chinese Pieces, Lots of Designer Pieces.

ANTIQUES: Maurice Roussear Sheep Painting, snuff bottles, Large Collection of Religious Icons, Tin, Wood, Gold Gilded, Nice Selection Mantle Clocks, Pillar and Scroll, Steeple clacks, Candy Butter Molds,  Several German Half Dolls, Staffordshire, Large Flow Blue Dishes, Meissen Plates, and compote, Showcases of Fine German Decorative China, Early Tin spice case,  Chrome Martini  Shaker with Bakelite Handles, Reverse Painted Lamp, Many Books, History of Chester County, Signed Glass, Indian Style Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Signed Duck Decoys, Vintage Cameras, Coverlets, all colors, Children’s Chairs, Victorian Style Dolt Bed, Paper Mache Rabbits, Cast Iron Accessories, Costume Jewelry Early Stones, etc,   Large Copper Items, Pots, Coffee Urns,  Many Colorful Quilts, Yo-Yo, Vintage Liens and Hand towels, Several German Half Dolls, Stoneware, Blue Decorated Crocks, Pewter, Pottery, Wooden carved Accessories, Ball Jars, Cast Iron Corn Mold, Buttons, Victorian  Caster   Sets, Stanley Planes, Glass Fruit, Holgate Blocks, Powder horn, Tables of Vintage Glassware and Accessories, Table Full of contemporary Halloween Paper Mache Pumpkin Faces, and other Holiday Items, Lots of Christmas Items, Boxes of Decorative Country Accessories, Baskets, Wooden items, so much More.  The finest Collection of Vintage Lace we have ever sold, most French Lace, Yardage, Battenberg Collars, Irish Crochet Collars, and Accessories, enough for the back room full with showcases.  This is wonderful, Superior Doll Clothing, White Victorian, Several Early Doll size Tables and Chairs, Miniature Accessories, Wooden items, and more. This is a forty year Collection.  All from Landenberg Pa. and much more! Back room with Barbie and other dolls to be sold in lots!  Showcase full of Lionel Trains. Standard Gauge, O Gauge, S Gauge, Lionel, American Flyer, Marx Sets in O/B. Train Accessories,Die Cast Cars, Figures (Auburn,Britains & Others),Some Model Kits, and more.

Boxes full of Antiques to be sold at 8:30.

13% Buyers Premium

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 Pre Christmas Bill Sharon Estate Auction         20180829_091225

Saturday and Sunday December 1st and 2nd 9 :0 A.M.

Victorian Furniture, Wicker Collection, Vast Christmas Collection, Over 1,000 Pieces of Pottery

  Preview, Friday 1:00 to 4:00 P.M.  From 7:30 A.M. To 8:30 day of sale

20 Bonnie Brae Road      

Spring City, Pa.  19475

It is a great honor to present “Mr. Pottstown “ The collections of Bill Sharon , Incredible Roseville, and all kinds of Modern Pottery, Christmas Collection, Victorian Wicker, Antique Furniture, Advertising Boxes, Glassware, Lamps, Perfume Bottles  thousands of pieces. Bill spent his life helping all of Pottstown, Started Pet Fairs, loved all animals, he was a great friend for over 40 years, and spent hours finding the best of the best!

FURNITURE: Victorian Furniture, Fantastic Gold Hall Mirror, Mahogany Fainting Couch, Three Piece Victorian Settee and 2 Chairs, Many Oak Chinas Round and Square, Fancy 3 Door Bookcase, Oak Sideboard, Mahogany Grandfather Clock, Marble Top Table, Stained Glass Bookcase, Fancy Victorian Lamp, Oak Fireplace Mantle, Wood Boxes, Oak Chest, Marble Top Dressers and Others, Plant Stands, All Kinds of Mirrors, Federal Style Mirrors, Claw Foot Round Table, Victorian Sofa, Kitchen Chairs and Table, Kitchen Side Board, Marble Top Stand, Painted and Decorated Curio, Oak Round Table, Oak Pedestal Stand ANTIQUES: Many Mantle Clocks, Parlor Lamp, Pictures, Blue Decorated Crocks, Jugs, Lots of Kitchen Items, Oil Paintings, Vintage Clothing, All Kinds of Glassware, Crocks, Prints, Oil Lamps, Flow Blue, Nippon, Mixing Bowls, Country Items, Sterling Silver Tea Set, Yellow Ware Bowls, Box Stamps, Old Paper, Gone With the Wind, Bottles of Medicine, Perfume and ETC  VICTORIAN WICKER COLLECTION: Incredible Victorian Selection, Tall Floral Stand, Wicker Plant Stand with Trellis, All Styles of Desks, Fabulous Balloon Back Chairs, All Types of Rockers, Settee, Chase Lounge, Sewing Baskets, All Styles of Lamps Some with Fringe, and This is just a Sample, Best We’ve Ever Seen.                                                                                POTTERY: Over 1,000 Pieces of Vintage Pottery, All Sizes, All Shapes, All Styles, Extraordinary Colorful and Rare, This is Just a Short Listing, Please Watch for Full Listing and All Photos, Pottery Lamps, Roseville, Weller, McCoy, Blue Crocks, Donatello, Moorcroft, Heisey Orchard Roseville, Hull, Gudda, Louella Weller, Lamps, Vanbrigle, Majolica Plant Stand, Other Pottery Plant Stands, Jardinière Pedestals, Czechoslovakian Pottery, Fox Glove                    CHRISTMAS: Bill’s Trees were notorious, filled with Vintage balls, Dresden, Wax angelsTinsel Tree, All colors and sizes, Wax Angels , all kinds of plastic figures and animals, some in original boxes. There are hundreds of pieces!


17% Buyers Premium 4% Discount With Cash or Check 


  Christmas Dollhouse &  Miniatures  Auction 

 Friday & Saturday December 14th & 15th                           ???????????????????????????????                   Friday Discovery Auction   December 14th   10:00

 Saturday Online Auction  December  15th   9:00 A.M.

                               20 Bonnie Brae Road      

                                 Spring City, Pa.  19475

  Preview Thursday December 13th, Friday December 14th from 10 A.M. till 4 P.M. .

             Directions:  Route 724 to Bonnie Brae Road, follow signs.

Collection of Mickie Haynes and Other Private Collectors Vintage & Artisan Miniatures                          

 Antiques: Incredible Erzgebirge Collection, Rare Burning Town with Fire Engine, Town Scenes, Rare Vehicles, Farms, Ships, Ormolu, Accessories, Figural Lighting, Chandelier, Clocks, Vienna Bronze, Original Lincoln and Major Anderson Dollhouse Photo, Many Other Tin Types, Paper Mache, Candy Containers, Dollhouse Bisque Dolls, China and Statues, Many Small Bisque Dolls, Heubach and more, Bruckner Topsy Turvy Doll, Vintage Doll, Large Grouping of Dollhouse Miniature Clothing and Fabulous Hats, Doll Sized Apothecary,  Early Adv. Tins, Jars, Dolls Red Painted Step Back Cupboard, Shelves of Pottery, Many Pieces of German Dollhouse Furniture, French Piano and Parlor Set, China, Sterling Accessories, French and China, Dewitt Mott Chairs, Schlosser Paintings, Limoges Dollhouse Books, China Head Doll in Shadowbox, Early Dollhouse Quilts etc.                                                                                                                                                           Artists: Amie Gressett, Serena Johnson, Ron Bufton, Lilliputs, D. Watts, Don Larson, Will Clinger, D. Judge, Donald Crosson, Hillhouse, B. Hoffman, Turner, Paul M. Ki-Kydd, Ray Sherwood, Tom Thumb, Ed Whalton, Ray Rackus, Carol Smith, G. Bartlett, Judge, Spink, Mark Murphy, Carl Anderson, Warren Dick, Gil Mena, Leonetta, Susan Russo, Frank Preene, June Clinkscales, Bergman, Ken Byers, Marvel, Tidmore, Shoe Peddler, Taller Targioni, Jim Ison, Anderson, Bartlette, Braxton Payne, Delores Rawdling, Warren Dick, King, Jeanne Chapman, Stuart King, bob Stevenson, Carol Smith, Oldham Studio, Rae Backus, Jim Gans, Ralph Partelow, Chuck Sudler, John Ottewill, Henry Eppick, Natasha, Robert Chucka, Over 100 Artist Dollhouse Dolls, Some Marsha Backstrum, and many others. Thousands of wonderful Accessories, Hats, Stands, Boxes, All kinds of foods, so much more!  Several Bisque Dolls, E.J.5 Jumeau, , Pr Kestner Twins, Simon & Halbig, S.F.B. J. , Open Moouthed Juemeau, Large Kestner and other  Large Bisque Dolls and more.. DOLLHOUSES AND ROOM BOXES:  Several older houses, wonderful roomboxes well appointed, many more! Irish Thatched Cottage, Custom Made Room Boxes, Hundreds of Pieces of Vintage Wallpaper Discovery Auction Friday December 14th, Hundreds of vintage German Furniture Pieces, Dolls, Toys, Glassware, Pewter items, Roomboxes, Accessories, Boxes full, Artist Dolls, Foods, Hats, Glassware, and more. Wrought Iron Furniture, other sets, Concord, etc.   Boxes of Dolls and Doll Parts. Boxes of Doll Clothing, Building , Dollhouses and Roomboxes, many surprises, Supplies, One of the largest sales we have offered, there are some wonderful items.  Be sure to be there!

18% Buyers Premium in House    23% Buyers Premium Online