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  American & Tribal Art Collection at Auction - 11/14/04

Sale Overview

Reginald R. Gold is a man of culture and taste whose keen eye for beauty is reviled only by his commitment to and patronage of the world of art. His life has been rich and full and his accomplishments many. From service in the Royal Armed forces to medical practice his diverse background has served to nurture an ability to appreciate quality and beauty that is reflected in his vast collection of objects of art.

Reginald Gold served in the British armed forces during WW II. While in the service he distinguished himself serving in an elite regiment both during and after the war. In 1949 he left the UK and came to the United States with his family. During this period of time he became interested and began to study and collect antiques. In the mid 1950's Mr. Gold had an experience involving his personal health that would alter the course of his life forever. As a result of this experience he enrolled in Chiropractic College. While a student he was assistant Curator of the Davenport Museum , Davenport Iowa. There he became familiar with Art Experts and Developed his keen perception. Upon graduation he entered into private practice in Spring Valley, New York it was at this point that his interests in antiques began to shift from general to a specific focus on fine art. After 16 years in a successful chiropractic practice Dr. Gold's began to direct his attention to teaching chiropractic medicine. In his role as chiropractic educator Dr. Gold has lectured in virtually every chiropractic school in the United States as well as many abroad. Dr. Gold continues to lecture both internationally and at home till this day. As his career as an educator evolved so to did his relationship to art. His interests ultimately led him to early California impressionism. In his own words " I collect paintings of California before it was paved over". In his tastefully appointed home in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania Dr. Gold had over three-hundred paintings, tapestries and other objects of art proudly displayed, a durable tribute to his dedication. Now, eighty years of age Dr. Gold has found it necessary to scale down and move to a smaller home. As a knowing aesthete, proud of his collection, he has had to make some difficult decisions. Moving to smaller accommodations has meant relinquishing his collection. This catalogue provides a description of his collection in full bloom. He wishes anyone purchasing any of his collection that they derive as much pleasure from them as he has.

AUCTIONEER NOTE: As you view this catalog, I would hope that you can share in the Breathtaking experience that I derived when I first viewed this Collection. To Quote Dr. Gold, I was experiencing " Sensory Overload". We are honored to have been selected to Present this Magnificent Collection for Auction. 

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